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The purpose of the Preferred Online Vendor Program is to provide our clients with convenient access to a list of vendors that we recommend highly for their event needs. The qualifications for becoming a Preferred Online Vendor on are determined solely by our marketing and brand management committees. Your submission will then be forwarded for approval to be added to our event partners Evolve Orlando Merchant Association(EOMA).

Details on your Investment


Member Benefits at a Glance

The benefits of joining the Ipose Media Merchants Association extend far beyond the borders of our media services. By joining the Ipose Media & association with Evolve Orlando Group(EOMA) you are helping to build a better service for everyone in the community- tourists and locals alike. Our organization, along with the Evolve Orlando Council, recognize the city of Orlando as the “heart and soul” of our collaborative efforts. Together, we work hard to promote and highlight enjoyments of Orlando as well as focus on community driven functions through our video and photography services. We believe that a thriving city is vital to an overall healthy economy in Orlando and we plan to paint the picture.

Partnership with The Evolve Orlando

Evolve Orlando Program utilizes a public-private partnership of private investment, local government support, and provide assistance to local non-profit organizations to revitalize the awareness of local Events. The locally-driven, Evolve Orlando approach focuses on beautification of our historic district, marketing and advertising and economic development. By Joining the Ipose Media Merchants Association your business is included on:

  • Ipose Media Website –
  • Evolve Orlando Website –
  • Evolve orlando brochures that are put in the racks throughout the city of orlando
  • Variety of printed advertising pieces utilized to market Evolve Orlando Events  Various facebook postings throughout the year.

By joining the EOMA, your yearly membership supports these projects and includes these benefits:

  • Beautification projects – such as flowers each spring and lighting up the downtown for the holiday and winter months. The cost of lighting the downtown is over $10K each year.
  • Event Support Special Events such as charity event support, Bridal shows and conventions, business events, holiday events, Holiday Tree Lighting, Parade of Excellence, 4th of July Parade, Wine, Walk and Shop, and Central Florida Fine Arts shows and exhibitions. Evolve Orlando will be focused on creating signature events loved by the local community and tourists alike.
  • Resources and access to important information – Evolve Orlando holds monthly meetings that members can attend to stay current on information relevant to running your business.
  • Advertising opportunities – numerous ways to advertise or gain exposure for your business through the marketing of our events and through EOMA organized co-op pieces.
  • Credibility – We are building strong relationships in the Orlando scene through the success of our services, events, and our evolvement with the Chamber of Commerce and jointly works with them for the economic vitality our events.



  1. Vendor must be a member of the Ipose Media Company website and EOMA in good standing.
  2. Vendor’s website must meet acceptable levels of professional appearance and function as determined by the Evolve Orlando.
  3. Vendor must offer enough of their product line or service for online sale to meet a reasonable expectation that the customer will be able to buy the item they are seeking.
  4. Vendor will identify Ipose Media’s services in a way that will allow customers to identify them as belonging to the evolve Orlando family of merchants. Use of the membership pass is preferred.
  5. Vendor will provide the Evolve Orlando Company with a company logo to be used as a link to the vendor’s website. The logo must meet the following requirements:
    • Acceptable File Types: .png, .gif, .jpg, .eps, .psd, .ai
    • Dimensions: Minimum width or height of 500px; landscape orientation preferred
    • Resolution: Anything 72dpi or above is acceptable
    • Transparent or white background
    • No tagline or anything other than the logo itself
    • Simple, professional
  6. Vendor must have a dedicated Evolve Orlando Icon on landing page. This page will be the first page shown when the vendor’s logo on the and evolve orlando’s website is clicked. The dedicated landing page must meet the following requirements:
    • Use a stylized Evolve Orlando logo towards the bottom of the required landing page. The page must be easily identified as a page supporting Evolve Orlando. If using the Evolve Orlando logo with tagline, “We Stand Together | Evolve Orlando”, must be used. Click on this link to see the acceptable logo versions.
    • When using Evolve Orlando in text, first letters must be capitalized
    • The Evolve Orlando landing page should contain no advertisements for other product lines, or general advertising banners
  7. Vendor’s website will have a search engine or alternative means for customers to locate Evolve Orlando Information. In some cases, item (4) may meet this qualification.
  8. Vendors will advertise prices that are not less than 12% below Suggested Resale Prices.

If you feel that you can make adjustments to your website to qualify for this program, please email us at




(Created Summer 2014) These are the guidelines that apply to all anticipated Ipose Media Merchant Members. The EOMA, which governs and organizes our events, has developed these procedures as a guide in making decisions on vendor applications and to assist you in planning your membership participation.

About our Website

Welcome to! Essentially Ipose Media provides a special experience for people of all ages through the art of video and photography – businessmen, students, residents, tourists and participants alike. Ipose media is proud of the soon to be most successful small business in the city of Orlando. We service festivals, weddings, conventions, community functions as well as non-profit events. Your cooperation in helping maintain the business, family and community-oriented atmosphere so essential to Ipose Medias’ continued success is greatly appreciated.


The purpose of ipose Media is to create beautiful visuals to our consumers through a targeted stream of schools, weddings, special events, and big conventions. We also orchestrate our own events which are organized by, administered by and paid for by our event partner Evolve Orlando Association. The primary purpose(s) of our website services is to:

  • create a positive image of functions we service daily
  • our clients by exposing them to retail stores and services relative to their prospective needs
  • generate site traffic to our online portfolio to generate interests and sales.
  • provide a forum for community activities
  • maintain our website as the center of creative video and photography
  • Provide a resource center for inspiration for local event needs.

All activities must be consistent with these goals. The Evolve Orlando Board of Directors urges businesses located within the Orlando area to become a member of the Ipose Media Merchant Association, both to enhance the our services and be included in our own events to benefit their own businesses. To this goal, the EOMA Event director can provide assistance and guidance on how your business can participate in our efforts. It is the goal of the Ipose Media team and Evolve Orlando Group to schedule functions and activities that promote a wholesome, family atmosphere. Events should appeal to targeted to particular ages, and demographic as a community effort to bring Orlando together and provide a consumer mix that reaches all aspects of the marketplace.


I. Who Qualifies as a Vendor:
  • A. Non Food Vendors: In order to participate on our website and participate at our events as a non-food vendor, the business must be: Selling products that are handmade (see definition); OR Have a business storefront located within the Orlando area; AND Provide a Sales Tax Resellers Permit Number
  • B. Food Vendors: In order to be a food and dessert vendor, the business must: Be a full service food vendor or a food cart (see definitions below) Provide a sales tax resellers permit number Provide Certificate of Insurance with the city of Orlando and EOMA as additional insured Hold a Health Department License for the state of florida


II. Excluded Business Types:

In order to maintain the integrity of our services, events, and provide a desirable mix of types of vendors, the following types of businesses are not allowed to participate as a EOMA member:

  • Multi-level marketing, religious, political, franchises, imported goods, second hand goods (unless storefront in downtown district), businesses that are not hand-made goods that do not have a storefront located in within the City of Orlando.


III. Selection of Vendors:

If you meet the vendor requirements and there is space available on our website for you or our future events, your application will be approved and you will be notified of your acceptance by our Director of marketing and Community Relations. If you meet the requirements above but there are too many applicants for the space available, the following prioritization will be used to decide which vendor(s) will be approved. Priority will be given to qualified vendors in the following order: 

  • Preference will be given to vendors that have participated in prior functions and advertising efforts executed by Ipose Media or EOMA events (“grandfather” clause). Located within the geographic area of downtown Orlando AND a EOMA member.
  • Located within City of Orlando AND a EOMA member
  • Located downtown – non member
  • Located within City of Orlando – non member
  • Not Located in Orlando but in Central Florida Area– member
  • Not Located in Orlando but in Central Florida– non-member
  • Not located Orlando – member
  • Not located Orlando – non-member

If there are still too many applicants qualified then the decision of which applicant gets to participate will be based on additional factors such as:

  • (a) type of goods sold and how it relates to the our services and events;
  • (b) prior participation in Ipose Media or EOMA events; and
  • (c) any other factors the committee deem relevant to their decision. The decision of the committee is final and is not reviewed by any party.


IV. Products Sold

Products that are deemed to be in direct competition with commercial merchants located on our website or events will not be allowed. This is not intended to be applied to general categories of products such as scarves, jewelry, etc. but rather specific product lines that have exclusive agreements with that particular business.


The following definitions refer to commonly used terms throughout the Rules and Regulations and serve to clarify the meaning of key terms.

  • EOMA – an abbreviation for Evolve Orlando event promotion.
  • VENDOR – refers to any qualified vendor that does not sell food. Business types may include: arts, crafts, jeweler, clothing. Vendor must meet vendor qualifications to participate on or at EOMA event.
  • HANDMADE – One who creates with their own hands the products they offer for sale. A majority of the tools and equipment used to produce their products must require skill, personal handling and/or manipulation.
  • FOOD VENDOR – refers to any qualified vendor that sells food that is ready to eat.
  • FULL SERVICE FOOD VENDOR – This designation is reserved for full-service vendors making and serving food on-site. These vendors are distinguished from food carts in that they usually take 1 ½ to 2 10×10 spaces and use electricity and offer what would be considered a full meal.
  • FOOD CART – this designation is reserved for food vendors who are utilizing only 1 10×10 space and operates from a pre-manufactured vending cart to serve quick serve type food items such as cotton candy, popcorn, lemonade.
  • ORLANDO BUSINESS – a business within the legally recognized and formally delineated Orlando boundaries. A map of Orlando Association boundaries can be provided upon request. EOMA MEMBER – a business that has paid the member dues of the Evolve Orlando Merchants Association for the current year.
  • EOMA NON-MEMBER – A non-member is a business that has not paid the member dues of the Evolve Orlando Merchants Association
  • ORLANDO BUSINESS STOREFRONT– a business that operates during normal business hours on a year-round basis with the primary place of operation a commercial storefront within the City of Orlando.

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